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196cc Engine (Race Edition) 4-stroke Single Cylinder Engine. Fuel Tank Capacity of 3.6L Output Power of 4.8KW



Dimensions: 37cm x 31.5cm x 33 cm approx (L x W x H)

Bore x Stroke: 68mm x 54mm

Shaft Length x Diameter: 45.5 x 19.90mm

Keyway Size: 4.78 x 16.36mm

Mounting Hole Dimensions: M8 x 20mm (Diameter)

Compression Ratio: 8.5:1

Max Power Output: 4.8KW

Max Torque: 10.8N.m/2500rpm

Type:4-Stroke (Single-Cylinder)

Displacement: 196CC


Fuel Tank: 3.6L

Package Dimensions:38cm x 32.5cm x 34cm approx (L x W x H) Package Weight 16.5kg approx


Please contact us for a freight quote if your area doesn't come up when checking out


Engine 6.5HP 196cc (Race Edition)

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