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100% NZ Owned & Operated


Brand New Race Edition

2 stroke .

Air cooled.

49cc Engine.

2 stroke oil mix gas rate is 25:1 or 30:1

Max power output :3hp .

Feature: -2 stroke

 -49cc mini motor air cooled racing engine capable of achieving 40mph dependant on user weight and terrain.

-Compelte with Metal Pull Start,Flywheel, Coil, HT Lead, Spark Plug,Clutch, Clutch Housing, Gear Pinion, Carburettor, Sports Air Filter, Inlet Manifold and 8 mm Transfer Box.

-Use 25:1 Fuel Mixture i.e 40 ml of 2 Stroke Oil For Every 1 Litre of Petrol.

Weight:3.9kg .

Start: Pull start

Gear system:Centrifugal Clutch

Reduction Gearbox :Ratio: 3:1

Comes pre fitted with an 35H/T8F 14 tooth 8mm drive sprocket as standard .

Dimension of eingine:300mm X 250mm X 170mm Bottom mounting distance (width) 85mm (length) 67mm


Please contact us for a freight quote if your area doesn't come up when checking out

49cc 2 Stroke Race Engine

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