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City Master Scooter, 12 Month Warranty Certificate:

Item Model: City Master- Viva 

Half price imports vehicle team complete the assembly of your new City Master-Viva Scooter. Half Price Imports works in association with VINZ Christchurch who complete NZ compliance requirements and paperwork to ensure your City Master-Viva complies with the NZTA requirements.


Your City Master-Viva is required to have its first servicing at first 300km/6 months and every 1000km/6month (whichever comes first) afterward to ensure validity of Warranty Service Form must be completed by an authorised Scooter Mechanic during all servicing. In order to redeem the Warranty provided by Half Price Imports, please keep all servicing records as this form must be presented at time of redemption of the Warranty. Failure to present all service records renders warranty invalid. 


Half Price Imports offers a Return-to-Base 12 month Warranty which provides customers peace and mind when purchasing a City Master- Viva. A Return to Base Warranty requires customers to return the bike/part at their cost, while Half Price Imports will be responsible for the repair.


1. Should purchaser have an issue with their City Master-Viva the first point of immediate contact must be

2.Half Price Imports will charge $100 to inspect the your Viva Scooter, if the fault is found to be at fault of the Manufacturer the $100 will be refunded to a nominated account and any repair or part that is deemed to be at fault will be replaced.

3. If Half Price Imports cannot complete the repair this will be outsourced to a an authorised Scooter Technician of our choice, who will complete the repair at the cost of Half Price Imports

4. Customer must provide evidence of following the minimum maintenance, servicing and break-in requirements suggested by the manufacturer, and provide proper service documents.

5. Warranty is not transferable


1. Damage caused by accidents, misuse, negligence or improper vehicle operation.

2. Any modifications or alteration of any standard specifications or equipment not done or authorized by Half Price Imports. Please note if you upgrade the speed over 50km/hr this is no longer a moped scooter. Please refer to NZ Transport Agency regulations.

3. Damage caused by failure to perform factory recommended service maintenance.

4. Damage which occurs as a result of improper storage.

5. Damage caused by the use of improper fuel or lubricants, this takes 91 Fuel.


1. Half Price Imports is not provided a reasonable opportunity for inspection of a covered component prior to removal, repair or replacement.

2. The damage to the component is caused by a non-covered component or part or by any part or component not purchased from Half Price Imports.

3. The customer fails to follow the minimum maintenance and break-in requirements suggested by the manufacturer, and fail to provide proper service documents.

I hereby declare I fully understand and agree on the above and the below terms and conditions of Half Price Imports Warranty Certificate

Please either fill in the online Warranty Registration (preferred) or print this off and sign the below and email it back to us.

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Scooter Warranty Submission

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